The Latest News: May 25, 2016

Come See Us at the Night Fire race in Boise!
The Night Fire Nationals is one of the most spectacular and popular independent races in the country and the Warped Speed Jet will be there!


Jet Car Facts

Top Speed: 309.83
Top Elapsed Time: 5.12
Type of Fuel Used: Jet A
Gallons per run: 20
Engine: Pratt and Whitney

Our jet cars burn 20 gallons of jet A fuel per run!

Up Coming Events

Our next event!
Sept 24-25
Fall Classic

Woodburn, OR

May 21-22

Woodburn Dragstrip, Season Opener

May 27-29
Renegade Raceway, Fire and Thunder

June 11-12
Woodburn Dragstrip, Rose Festival Drags

June 17-18
Firebird Raceway, Fox Hunt

July 1-2
Sacramento, Fox Hunt and Night of Fire

July 8-9
Spokane, Nitro Summer Nationals

July 29-30
Woodburn Dragstrip, Night of Fire

August 12-14
Firebird Raceway, Pepsi Night Fire Nationals

August 27
Mission BC

September 9-10
Sacramento, Governor's Cup

September 24-25
Woodburn Dragstrip Fall Classic




A Busy and Spectacular July for Warped Speed!hecked my wall calendar, (yes, I still use those instead of looking at my trusty flip phone) and noticed

There were 31 days in July. To me it seemed like only five! Wow...that month disappeared in a heart beat! They say time flies when your having fun and well - I had a blast!! Literally! I was strapped to a jet engine every weekend in July. Of course we started the month with the Foxhunt at Sacramento, and then a mini Nitro Jam in Spokane. Several of the Nostalgia Nitro Cars were on their way to Edmonton for the IHRA Nitro Jam tour. Spokane hasn't sounded that sweet since the 80's!! The Warped Speed and Warhawk battled it out after the Nitro sessions. Always a good battle!

The next weekend I drove for Brad and Heather Janishewski in Edmonton. My first IHRA Nitro Jam. As the Canadian's would say -what a hoot!! The rain plagued the event, but the IHRA staff would not be defeated by Mother Nature. Those people never quit drying the track, and they finished the event!

The following weekend, July 23rd, was a mass collection of jet cars at Rocky Mountain Raceways. Ron Kraft has a way of attracting jet cars from all over the country. 14 of them converged on Salt Lake. And talk about entertaining - it was a dual event weekend as the circle track was racing too. So when cars weren't going straight down the dragstrip, they were going around in circles on the asphalt oval! I was like the chipmunk in the middle of the road running back and forth! We took the Incinerator and propelled it to a 5.68 @ 281 MPH. Pretty good for a hot night at altitude.

And then we closed out the month with the Woodburn Night Race. This is a once a year event that just keeps growing. Saturday was the largest one day attendance in the history of the Dragstrip. Congratulations to Jay, Joey, and Cherie!!! The Warped Speed and Warhawk lit up the dark western skies, hence Nite Of Fire!



It's Fox Hunt Time in Boise and Sacramento!

Not sure what happened over the winter - do we really know what race cars do when nobody is in the shop? Well I don’t know if selling two cars scared the remaining two straight, but the Warped Speed and the Incinerator are attacking the 2016 season with a whole new attitude!

The Foxhunt at Firebird Raceway in Boise is always a spectacular race to witness, and this year was no exception! We had an awesome time and even set a track record - 6.01 @ 266 MPH!! If I had known we were so close to the 5’s, I wouldn’t have eaten lunch that day so we would be just a little lighter!

I unloaded the “superstar” funny car at the shop and put the Incinerator in the trailer and off we went to the Foxhunt in Sacramento. Driving over the Lake Shasta bridge and noticing the thermometer at 90 degrees makes you think for a moment - a cool lake on a hot day or a track temperature that’s probably 30 degrees higher? Well I decided that since the dragster doesn’t float, I had better continue on to my original destination. The blown nostalgia cars at the track put water skiing a distant second place! What a show and the history of the event. And the Incinerator was not about to be outdone by its shop mate, so it went out and ran a 5.46 @ 292 MPH in the heat!

I’m going to let both cars sit in the shop for a couple of days and let them do whatever they do then we’re off to Spokane.

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July. See ya at the races!



It's Nice to be Back After an Extra Long Winter!

Late fall - wintertime - early spring, subjects of well written songs and cozy books. For me it’s a long drawn out time to go without blazing down the quarter mile! Late spring finally came around this year but it was like having a birthday party and nobody showed up. Our first race, the Woodburn season opener got rained out.....really???? you kidding me???? I have been itching to get behind the wheel for what seems like an eternity. Yancey had the Warped Speed Funny Car in the staging lanes and I was in my favorite suit, when mother nature decided it was time for all of us to go home.

The very next weekend was the annual Dee Adams Memorial Race at Yakima. I was fortunate to be able to call Dee a friend. He was the founder of Renegade Raceways, and we talked many years before I was able to talk him into hosting a jet show. That race paid dividends as I was introduced to his family. He was a very fortunate man. Fellow jet car racer Derek Snelson has taken over the reins at Renegade, so the Warhawk and the Warped Speed lit up that peaceful valley. The Warped Speed went 272 MPH! I think she wanted out of the barn as badly as i did!!

We leave in a couple days for the Foxhunt at Boise. Thank you summer! What took ya so long to get here?

- Richard Smith




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