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Redding, CA
April 25-26
Kool April Nights

Woodburn Dragstrip
May 17-18
Season Opener

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Fast Facts!
Top Speed: 309.83
Top E.T.: 5.12
Thrust: 6400 lbs.
Type of Fuel: Jet A
Gallons per run: 20
Engine: Pratt and Whitney J-60


More "Kool" Updates From Richard Smith

March Madness....who ever said "March Madness ends", has never been around the Warped Speed Racing shop in the springtime. March....April...the madness continues!
Now, I was always a good student in school. Tests were no big deal. But the tests we are doing now are a whole different story and you can't study for them or make up cheat sheets like you did in school (not that I ever did)!

And I don't know if our testing was a success or a failure until I see the look on Darin's face. Is he happy, or did I get out done by one of Woodburn's up and coming Junior Dragster Drivers? We have been doing a lot of engine testing in March and it continues in April. Testing in the shop, on the tie down pad, and at Woodburn Dragstrip.

The Incinerator gave us a smile as it ran a 5.25 @ 295 MPH! The Devastator wants more attention and has received it! Recent testing on the pad looks great and a trip to Woodburn should net good results.

The Black Rat will be at the Kool April Nights event in Redding at the end of the month. It will be on display Friday and Saturday at the Civic Auditorium, April 25 & 26, and then it will light up the western skies at Redding Dragstrip Saturday night!


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