At Press Time...

The Warpedspeed team takes a couple of weeks off before shifting into the Fall season and the Fall Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip.

Jet Facts

Top Speed: 309.83
Top E.T.: 5.12
Thrust: 6400 lbs.
Type of Fuel: Jet A
Gallons per run: 20
Engine: Pratt and Whitney J-60

Upcoming Events

Rocky Mountain Raceway
Salt Lake City, Utah
September 27

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Our Pilots

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Team owner: Darin Bay

Team Manager: Lori Smith

Photos by Larry and Andi McFarland


It's "Oh Canada" at Mission Raceway!

When I think of Canada, I picture white capped mountains, lush green valleys, wildlife galore, and peaceful tranquility. That was not the story over the weekend in Mission, B.C. Between the jet cars and the nitro burning machines, peaceful tranquility had to leave town!! I love racing at Mission. The town welcomes the racers and the race track. No noise abatements, just pure high horsepower racing action!

Once again I had the opportunity to race with my good friend Derek Snelson. The Warhawk and Warped Speed Funny Cars battled it out first, then Derek and I would get strapped to a pair of dragsters and go at it again! Derek drove the Black Rat for us and I kept my seat warm in the Devastator. The overflow capacity crowd Saturday night really gets me pumped up to put on the best show possible and the WSR team did just that! My thanks to Derek for herding the "Rat" down the quarter mile, and to the folks at Mission for making us feel so welcome.

We have the next two weekends off the track, (that translates as shop time) and then to the Season Closer at Woodburn. And if anybody just happens to be wandering around Louisiana the first weekend of October, come on out to State Capital Raceway in Baton Rouge and say howdy. Darin's good friend Roger Gustin invited us out for his Cajun jet show.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend, and we'll see ya at the races!

- Richard Smith


Spokane Treats Fans to Jet Car Finals

The Jet Car Finals held at Spokane County Raceway were a roaring success as a full field of red hot jet cars gave the fans their money's worth and more!

I say more because the track generously served up not two but three rounds of sensory overload as jet cars lit up the sky for hours. There were cars like the "Secret Weapon" tank, a "Tow Mater" replica (if you can believe that), the always spectacular "War Hawk" and of course the Warped Speed cars that rocked drag racing's concrete palace in Eastern Washington.

At this event, the Warped Speed funny car, the Incinerator and the Devastator jet dragster were pulled from Darin Bay's stable and were selected as the cars of choice for this special event. Both dragsters raced each other but the Warped Speed funny car took on Derek Snelson's War Hawk in the night cap and flew to a decisive victory. It was a can't miss event that only happens in Spokane! Next up is Mission!

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