The Latest News: April 3, 2016

Just in! Warped Speed Racing will be back in 2016!

They almost hung it up! Read the story below....

Final Race!

Just added: NHRA Toyota Nationals, Las Vegas, Oct. 29-Nov.1



Jet Car Facts

Top Speed: 309.83

Top Elapsed Time: 5.12

Type of Fuel Used: Jet A

Gallons per run: 20

Engine: Pratt and Whitney

Our jets burn 20 gallons of jet A per run!

Up Coming Events

May 21-22
Woodburn Dragstrip, Season Opener

May 27-29
Renegade Raceway, Fire and Thunder

June 11-12
Woodburn Dragstrip, Rose Festival Drags

June 17-18
Firebird Raceway, Fox Hunt

July 1-2
Sacramento, Fox Hunt and Night of Fire

July 8-9
Spokane, Nitro Summer Nationals

July 29-30
Woodburn Dragstrip, Night of Fire

August 12-14
Firebird Raceway, Pepsi Night Fire Nationals

September 9-10
Sacramento, Governor's Cup

September 24-25
Woodburn Dragstrip Fall Classic



Warped Speed Racing is back for 2016!

The Warped Speed Racing Team is back by popular demand...literally! After what was to be the final event ever for the Warped Speed Team in Las Vegas, team owner Darin Bay began liquidating what was once one of the biggest jet car teams in the country. After selling two of the dragsters and the semi-truck he was down to the last two jet cars, the Warped Speed Funny Car and the popular Incinerator Dragster. Darin then began to have thoughts of what life would be like away from the exciting world of jet car racing.

Instead of selling the Warped Speed and the Incinerator there was a change of heart as Darin realized what was missing the last few years was the smaller more manageable team he once had without so many cars and distractions. So, Darin got the team back together including the primary driver Richard Smith. This was welcome news for each of the team members, track promoters and the fans who look forward to seeing the fire and thunder from the grandstands every summer.

This year the Warped Speed Team have events scheduled in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and California. To see the complete schedule go here



Jets Conclude Fall Races in Sacramento and Woodburn

We just returned from running two spectacular races – the 46th annual Governor’s Cup at Sacramento Raceway Park and the Fall Classic at Woodburn.
Good fortune in scheduling this year allowed us to participate in the Governor’s Cup. This race holds a lot of great memories for me – talking racing and planes with my pilot cohorts, Dave Smith and Darin Bay – to the overnight road trip. You see, many years ago, this event and the Woodburn Fall Classic were held on the same weekend and we attended both events. This involved racing Saturday night in Sacramento – loading up the cars and driving straight through to run Woodburn Sunday afternoon. The road trip was a crazy time with lots of interesting conversation, microwave burritos, cat naps and watching the sun rise.

This year’s “CUP” had everything this drag junky could ask for – Nitro and Funny Cars!! I was having so much fun watching the races that I almost forgot we were there to perform! Our good friend Derek Snelson did a superb job of kicking my tail as he herded the Incinerator twice to victory over me and the Devastator. Boy, that car has a really cool afterburner flame (I watched it go by twice)!!

The Fall Classic in Woodburn, Oregon, featured a great line-up of cars – Fuel Altereds, Funny Cars, Dragsters, Pro Mods and the 10.5 Outlaws! Two days of perfect weather and good friends. And now we’re off to our final race of 2015 – the 15th Annual NHRA Toyota Nationals, October 29 to November 1.

Hope to see ya at the races!
Richard Smith





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